Why Vivint Smart Home Is Not Fully Endorsed By Home Security Reporter

The reason why Home Security Reporter is not fully endorsing Vivint is that their monthly monitoring rates start at $53! Yes, $53 for their base package. And $53 is a lot of money especially when you look at the fact that their monitoring service is no different from other companies.

Vivint is a good choice for creating a robust smart home security system, but even with a no-contract option, you’ll still need to commit to monthly monitoring if you want full functionality otherwise most of Vivint’s smartest features suddenly won’t work.


Key Features

  • 24/7 Professional Monitoring
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • Monthly Monitoring Is Expensive
  • Technical Needs To Come To Your House
  • Hands-Free Voice Control
  • Smart Home Products & Services
Please bring the price down. $69 a month is too much. Jerryl

Vivant has been on top of everything that has happened with our system. Their response is really appreciated. We really like the new updated system we now have. Easy to use. Recommend Vivant to everyone. Cathryn

Equipment gets 5 stars. I’ve always felt safe using the service. Customer Service/time waiting on phone / lack of flexibility on terms of service gets 1 star…thus average is 3 stars.

My intuition tells me that with the flood of no contract competitors in the market Vivint will continue to have to work towards no-contract offerings. They have already done this somewhat for new customers, but there is a severe level of disparate treatment for current customers. In a more highly regulated industry I would report this to an AG or state agency, but unfortunately, this will be to no avail. Just speaking openly :-).