When you’re heading out the door, or on your way to bed at night do you take the time to check your windows and locks to make sure your home is secure? Maybe you double or triple check, or maybe you don’t check at all and the thought never crosses your mind.

If the thought never crosses your mind, you may be one of the 7% of Canadians who doesn’t lock their door when they leave the house or the 23% that don’t lock the door while the home is occupied. A Canadian poll has revealed that over 22 million people leave their door unlocked when they leave the home. For the remainder that consider their home security before leaving as well as while at home, they consider their lock and security a big deal. Though not every lock is created equally, and the different types can make all the difference when considering your home security.


For the ultimate home security, you need to have a deadbolt. Deadbolt locks secure your home from the outside. They cannot be easily tampered with or picked. Though, if someone can gain access to a window, deadbolt locks can be easily flicked open. It is important to ensure your windows are locked as well as doors.

Knob Locks

Knob locks are typically built into a door handle and should never be your primary means of security. Knob locks should be coupled with an additional lock for added security. If you are using a knob locks, one would hope they are on the interior doors of the home, not an exterior entrance as they can be easily overridden.

Lever Handel Locks

A lever handle lock is even easier to access than the easy access knob lock. Lever locks typically have a push-down lever, similar style to a knob lock. Lever locks are never recommended as a sole security option for an exterior door.

Locks of the Future

Like almost everything else in the world, technology is also taking over locks. From Bluetooth enabled locks and keypads, these locks powered by technology and smartphones are soon to be the commonplace of the future. On top of these highly innovative locks, home security systems now allow you to lock and unlock your door using your smartphone app for ultimate convenience.


Knowing your lock options and taking in count that your security is important, make sure you do your research when putting new locks on your door. Some may even consider upgrading their locks in light of new security measures.


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