How Do Medical Alert Systems Work?

Your home is monitored electronically by a button worn on the wrist or around the neck. When the button is pressed, it sends a radio signal to a base unit which sends an emergency signal through your phone line to the monitoring center.

If the Medical Alert System has a fall detection upgrade, a call will automatically be placed if a fall occurs. More modern Medical Alert Systems like ThinkAlert will  simultaneously send a text message to the user’s emergency contact list. These text messages provide a map with the exact GPS location of the user, keeping the loved ones on top of the situation.

Can You Take Your Medical Alert System In The Shower?

Most Medical Alert Systems can be worn in the shower as they are water-resistant, but should not be submersed in water (do not take a bath).

If My Power Goes Out Will The Medical Alert Unit Still Work?

Most medical alert buttons have a back­up battery to keep your help button working during power outages. Once your power is restored, the battery will automatically start charging again and be ready for the next power disruption.

How Do I Know That Everything Is Working?

We recommend that you test your button once a month. Pick the best day for you. When the operator comes over the unit, just let them know you’re testing.

With Medical Alert Systems Is There A Live Person Answering Phones 24/7?

With reputable companies like ThinkAlert or Philips Lifeline someone is always available to answer your call if you need help.