Most of the world was memorized but the breathtaking and seemingly effortless motions of skiers and skaters gliding through the 2018 Winter Olympic Games.

It is not uncommon for security to be on high alert during these events managing both standard dangers and large crowds, but also threats of terrorism. Teams of over 400 SWAT personnel have practised and prepared for theses Pyeongchang Games to ensure the safety of those participating and attending. The South Korean government has been working to cover all bases to ensure safety and comfort for all. Over 5,000 armed forces have covered base for these games, more than ever before.

Cyber Security is another huge priority for these games. South Korea has long been a huge target of cyber-attacks from many groups throughout North Korea, Russia and China. Hackers can cause great harm to the events, without even stepping foot on event grounds. Hackers can flood servers, breach data, tamper with drug test results and take over access to credit cards, causing incredible damage.

While officials have physical security on the ground, they also have it in the sky. This is a new security feature in the Winter Games to ensure sporting events are not compromised by any unmanned vehicles, bombs or any threats alike. While the airspace over the Winter Games is a no-fly zone, security personnel have been trained to shoot down an air vehicle carrying a bomb.

Though we currently stand with no purposed threats, officials have gone above and beyond to ensure the safety of Olympians, attendees and their families.  These measures reinforce and show that security measures should be taken seriously and allow no risk to anyone, at any level.