Everyone gets that urge; the urge to get away. The travel bug. Whether it’s for a week or a weekend, to explore or to relax, who doesn’t love to flee to somewhere new and exciting. One of the most important parts of planning a trip is choosing and knowing where you’re travelling to. Safety can be a huge aspect of travel. Below we have listed some of the safest travel destinations in the world!

Canada – with extreme diversity and exceptionally low violent crime rates, Canada makes for an excellent tourist destination. Areas like Toronto and Niagara Falls are popular, safe destinations with great transportation, reasonable pricing and responsive police.

Iceland – Iceland has been and remains to be one of the safest countries in the world. With the lowest crime rate in the world, you will find the communities to be close-knit, kind and trustworthy.

Portugal – Your main concerns when travelling to Portugal would be pickpockets’. Like the above destinations, Portugal has an extremely low crime rate.

Finland – Unlike Portugal, Finland is a place where you don’t need to be so concerned about pickpockets. If you lose your belongings, don’t be surprised if they find their way back to you.

Denmark – Denmark has been ranked not only one of the safest countries in the world, but also one of the happiest!

Czech Republic – If you are travelling Europe on a budget, Prague is not only one of the most beautiful cities, but also one of the cheapest! Watch out for those pickpockets though!

Japan – Tokyo is unlike any other city in the world! With strict laws and high protection, Japan is not only one of the cleanest places, but also the safest.

Australia – The biggest threat you’re likely to run into in Australia is the sun. Make sure you pack some high SPF!

New Zealand – With fewer dangerous animals than Australia, New Zealand is not only one of the most beautiful places, but also peaceful and safe.


Trip Preparation:

Before going to any new destination, you should always do your research. Know about the laws, climate details, political climates, languages and in some cases even religious factors of the destination.

Once you’re set on your destination, the research can begin. While looking at all the attractions and must see things and places, make sure you make yourself aware of the places you should avoid. Tourist companies and even individual tourists commonly leave reviews, which can be very helpful when deciding whether or not you want to stay or go somewhere particular.

While you’re preparing and packing, make sure you take the usual; precautions to pack things like luggage locks, fanny packs to keep valuables close and consider using things like empty pill bottles for storing your travel funds when you are away from them. Never keep all of your money in one place, make copies of your ID’s and travel documents and don’t be afraid to check and recheck your vacation checklist!

How will you protect your home while you’re away?

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