A recent report in The Information revealed a major flaw in Rings software. This flaw is allowing anyone who has accessed the system to continue to have access, even after the password is changed. This may seem like a minor defect to some, but this security error could have major repercussions and may compromise the security of its customers.

A real-life Ring customer and Miami resident, Jesus Echezarreta was a victim of this system flaw. Following a breakup, he had changed his password and log in information but later discovered his ex had been spying on him since his breakup in August. He later confessed and apologized to Echezarreta and Ring replaced the doorbell assuming he was still wanting to use the product.

Both Ring and its parent company, Amazon, were shocked by the news of this major security flaw. Amazon purchased Ring with big plans for it to be a breakout product in the home security market. Initially, there were intentions to integrate Ring into their Amazon Key service, allowing delivery people to enter a customer’s home when they are not in attendance. Even prior to this new of a security break in the system, this was hugely contested. Now with this report, there is even more negative feedback which puts a lot of hesitation around the launch of Rings Neighbours app.

Ring has addressed consumer concerns by assuring customers that the app was recently updated and would block access for users within an hour when there is a password change.  The Information reporter that covered this story reported that he was able to access his app for several hours after a password change and that the servers are severely flawed.

Without directly addressing any of these accusations, Ring has encouraged customers to use the Shared User feature instead of releasing any account information and suggested that owners maintain control over who has access to their devices.

In no case should a home security company jeopardise the protection and safety of their customers within their homes. Rings recent system flaw has exposed them as an extremely flawed security option. If you are interested in protecting your home, look into a professionally monitored system like those found at companies like SimpliSafe, Think Protection and Alarm Force. Keep your safety and security to the professionals and have complete peace of mind.



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