Quality, value and convenience are three of the contributing factors consumers will look for when purchasing a home security system. Getting the right system at the desired price point is important. Consumers will typically shop around before making such an important purchase, but the price is always an endpoint factor when deciding if the system and companies are right for you. Consumers know they should be looking for a price point that is comparable to other monitored home security companies on the market.


Value is typically the number one contributing factor to any customer looking to purchase a home alarm system, and deciding which company will best suit their needs. A company that can provide guaranteed security, value and fulfil customer needs is likely to make the sale. Many companies have very similar plans, price points and contracts making it difficult for consumers to make decisions. Companies like Custom Security Systems and Think Protection allow customers to build a package that best suits their needs and also has lower fees than most companies on the market, but unlike Custom Security Systems, Think Protection offers lower monitoring costs that are contract-free.


Most customers can expect to make payments between $35 and $45 on a monthly basis for their monitoring, which is comparable with most companies on the market. In many cases, customers may feel they’re paying far too much for monitoring fees, especially when they are not satisfied with the service. This doesn’t always mean the companies cost is too high, but that the customer may have had a bad experience or high expectations.

When looking to choose the best security provider with the most value, customers should consider the following:

  • Reliability of monitoring and protection
  • Ease of the installation process
  • Customer service
  • Response times
  • Pricing
  • Contract and upfront costs
  • Quality of equipment

With all of these points in mind, homeowners should take their time to consider the right provider for them. Consider all avenues before picking up that pen to sign a contract with the wrong company. Be diligent and find the company that is right for you.


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