As much as home security can be a major consideration for many homeowners, it can also be costly. Cost can be a huge deterrent for some, while others will spend top dollar to protect their belongings. This article will break down some of the leading companies on the market, their costs and their quality.

What are your options?

Home security options can range from having your “security dog” to having a high tech home security system that can protect your home in the touch of a finger. These security options can typically include:

  • Motion sensors
  • Door/window contacts
  • Window and door locks
  • DIY systems
  • Monitored systems
  • Smart home systems
  • Unmonitored systems

These options are available worldwide to homeowners, but there is nothing more reliable than a professionally monitored system. Having a monitored system allows eyes to be on your home at all times. When a sensor or contact is triggered, you receive a notification within a matter of seconds.

Here is a breakdown and cost comparison of your top home security options:


ADT is probably one of the most familiar companies to most. ADT is available North America wide for $28 monthly. They offer:

  • Three different security packages
  • Home automation

Protect America

Protect America has a good reputation as a reputable company, in business for over 26 years. Their system includes:

  • Smartphone alerts
  • 24/7 monitoring
  • Remote Access
  • Pet-friendly motion detection
  • Indoor and outdoor equipment

Think Protection

Think Protection is new to the home security club. In three short years they have proven themselves extremely reputable and one of the most affordable in the industry. They offer:

  • DIY systems
  • Hardwired systems
  • 5 diamond, 24/7 monitoring
  • Smartphone alerts
  • Free app
  • Pet-friendly motion detection
  • High definition indoor and outdoor cameras and equipment


Vivint is a highly rated company. At the minimum rate of $50 per month, they offer:

  • Total home control
  • Local fire and police dispatch and communication
  • Door and window sensors


LiveWatch is another great option, with a bit of a higher price point. For $99 per month they offer:

  • Functionality during power, broadband and phone outages
  • A range of sensors
  • Tamper control


Five incredible companies that are all very different functionally and financially. Get your free quotes today.