Instead of purchasing a home security system, you chose to purchase faulty lawn signs online. You buy a sign and associated window decals to display that your home is protected. Is this going to deter a burglar? The answer is no. Especially if the company doesn’t exist. There are many vendors out there selling fake home security signs, these are just a few of the culprits:

SafetySign offers everything from lawn signs to warning signs to no trespassing signs. The generic security signs sold on this site are used to warn intruders. Many of the signs read along the lines of “Protected by Home Security System – 24 Hour Surveillance” and retail for about $18.75

Esty sells many things, but who would think fake home security warning signs could be one of them. Etsy advertises for “high-quality ADT signs” rated at $49.95. With this, you get two signs, two metal stakes and 10 window stickers. They don’t advertise anything about actual ADT systems, or whether or not you should be utilizing one.

Amazon sells bundles of fake security sighs for $28.78 plus shipping. With the bundle, you receive one yard-sign, five static cling stickers, a fake security camera and a lawn sign that advertised the phoney camera.


Why you shouldn’t buy these bogus signs:

These sham lawn signs provide absolutely no protection to you, especially if an intruder is not fooled by them. Many burglars will be able to scope the difference between what is real or fake equipment. While the fake signs and equipment may be better than nothing, most thieves do their homework and may not be fooled. While once upon a time home security meant drilling holes and wired through your walls, they are now easier and more accessible than ever. In the wireless world we live in, you can get a state of the art home security system that is easy to install and will cause no damage or maintenance to your home. Instead of advertising faulty lawn signs, decals and cameras, give yourself real peace of mind and purchase your system today.