Almost every day there is a new security camera hitting the market, as they take over the security industry and vie for your attention. Why are consumers drifting toward the camera as opposed to their original and convenient home security system?

Convenience is a huge factor. Not only is a camera easier to set up than a home security system, it can also be done independently without the assistance of a tech. They save you the time and money involved with having someone come into your home and help you figure out wires, panels, sensors and more.  With a camera, all you need to do or plug it in, turn it on, sync it with your phone and you’re done! As much as this seems like the easier option, many customers don’t realize that setting up a home security system can be just as easy! Many companies in the market today offer DIY systems that can be installed also in a matter of minutes!

There are no monthly fees involved with a self-monitored camera, making it very desirable and cost defective. With so many monthly expenses out there, why would a consumer want to add another? Well, some security cameras also come with monthly fees, some more than the average low-cost company. You might end up paying more than these low-cost companies like Think Protection who only charge customers $12.99 monthly for a full monitored system that can even include a camera! Services like this also monitor your home and perimeter 24/7, opposed to a motion-triggered camera that will catch every dog and squirrel that runs by.

Warranties can widely vary between cameras and home security systems. Most security systems have a very desirable lifetime warranty, as well as a no-penalty trial period. This is something that is much rarer when it comes to a camera.

While a home security camera may seem like the best option for you, look into the best home security companies before purchasing your lone camera. You may find something even more desirable that works for you!