Why Frontpoint Is Not Fully Endorsed By Home Security Reporter

The reason why Home Security Reporter is not fully endorsing Frontpoint Securities is that of their pricey monitoring plans and accessories. They also require a long-term contract and in order to view live and recorded videos, you need to order the top-tier plan.

In addition to intrusion, all Frontpoint monitoring plans include protection against fire, flood, freeze, carbon monoxide, and medical emergencies. Every Frontpoint system comes with 100% wireless equipment and 100% cellular monitoring, for no extra charge. Cellular monitoring means a more reliable connection between the home and monitoring center, and wireless means no lines for burglars to cut.


Key Features

  • 24/7 Professional Monitoring
  • Long Term Contract
  • Home Automation Using Z-Wave Technology
  • 3-Year Equipment Warranty vs. Lifetime From A Top Competitor
  • Monthly Price Is Expensive – $34.99 to $49.99
  • DIY Installation
  • Crash And Smash Technology

I signed up for Frontpoint 30 day free trial and paid for the security system and then I decided to cancel. I sent back the system and was supposed to get my money back in 3-to 5 days but instead they sent me another system and I’m still waiting to get my money back and it’s been over 3-weeks. Don’t sign up for the service because I’m still dealing with customer care and not getting anywhere!!!

Christine Perteete

First you get locked into a 3 year contract which is one of the longest. Then they require a 30 day written notice if you want to cancel service. Tried to cancel on 11/17 and had to pay until 12/31. Bad business practices.

Enrique Marc

I do really think this is an outstanding company. I did a ton of research and decided between front point and live watch. Went with front point. My experience with my sales rep was great, but it took 9 days for me to receive my system and when it arrived it was missing two components… When I called they said they don’t have it recorded that I asked for them yet we reviewed everything and it was in an email from them confirming my order. After just forking over $400 bucks and getting resistance from the rep on the phone and no reply via email from my sales rep. I just sent the whole system back the same day I received it (did not even plug it in) and ordered live watch. I really wanted to love you and I do think you are a great company but unfortunately my experience was not as expected from the #1 customer service security team out there. Live watch is coming after your number one spot!