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Roller skates, beds, autonomous flying cars, smart clothing, robots, aromatherapy, flexible video screens, wireless everything, drones, artificial intelligence (AI), toys, analytics, smart cities, and anything tech were alive and well at CES 2018 with over 2.75 million square feet of exhibits and 1,000-plus presenters. Other surprises included a flood on opening day of the show— after 190 days of no rain in Las Vegas — and a two-hour power outage at the convention center on day two. And of course, typical Las Vegas activities such as Cirque de Soleil, comedy shows, Celine Dion, and more available. What a week!

Spending time with 180,000-plus “friends” at CES in the city that never stops, walking miles exploring technology innovations, and interacting with seasoned and new colleagues was exhausting, invigorating, and overwhelming. CES has amassed an endless wave of technologies and companies dramatically impacting our lives and future. Eureka Park, the place for start-ups and research to share their stories, has grown from 60 table tops just a few years ago to a crowded maze of more than 500 booths vibrating with excitement, with representation from universities and countries around the world. The event continues to grow with no end in sight. Wonder what the Consumer Technology Association (CTA) the producer of CES, will do as the show continues to expand, but innovation and creativity are their middle names and they’ve got this one handled.

Revolutions abound not only…

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