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Ring Doorbells: Flawed of Fabulous?

A recent report in The Information revealed a major flaw in Rings software. This flaw is allowing anyone who has accessed the system to continue to have access, even after the password is changed. This may seem like a minor defect to some, but this security error could have major repercussions and may compromise the security of its customers. A real-life Ring customer and Miami resident, Jesus Echezarreta was a victim of this system flaw. Following a breakup, he had changed his password and log in information but later discovered his ex had been spying on him since his...

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Home Alarm Signs: Where to Get Them and Why You Shouldn’t

Instead of purchasing a home security system, you chose to purchase faulty lawn signs online. You buy a sign and associated window decals to display that your home is protected. Is this going to deter a burglar? The answer is no. Especially if the company doesn’t exist. There are many vendors out there selling fake home security signs, these are just a few of the culprits: SafetySign offers everything from lawn signs to warning signs to no trespassing signs. The generic security signs sold on this site are used to warn intruders. Many of the signs read...

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