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Slowdown In Revenue Growth For Video Surveillance Equipment Market

Tim Compston, Features Editor at SecurityNewsDesk and, looks in more detail at recently published estimates from IHS – and its Video Surveillance Intelligence Service – which reveals a marked slowdown in the year-on-year revenue growth of the global professional video surveillance equipment market. While the video surveillance equipment market in recent years has posted strong revenue growth… To read the rest of this article, go to: Writer: Tim...

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ThinkAlert Helps Find Missing Man

ThinkAlert is an incredible effective tool in helping seniors stay secure regardless of age, medical history or location. ThinkAlert is a mobile unit, that works anywhere. This was evident in a situation that recently occurred. A ThinkAlert mobile personal emergency help system user living in Calgary went missing. He was an elderly gentleman. His daughter was trying to contact him, however he wasn’t responding… To read the rest of the this blog post, go to:

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