This week marked the four-year anniversary of the firing of Joel Matlin from AlarmForce, the home alarm company he founded in 1988. Over the 25 years Joel was at AlarmForce, he grew it to be one of the largest home alarm companies in North America. The brand was known throughout Canada, with Matlin being the public face of the company. Over the time Joel was at AlarmForce, over $100 million dollars was spent on marketing, all of which Joel would be featured in.

Over the past 4 years, much has happened with both Joel and his former company, AlarmForce. In 2015, Joel reentered the home alarm space by starting Think Protection with his son Adam (who was also fired along with Joel). Think Protection differs from AlarmForce, as there’s no annual contract, a lower monthly monitoring rate and an award-winning system that can be installed anywhere in North America. With this new technology and strong value proposition, Think Protection has become North America’s fastest growing alarm company.

AlarmForce, however, hasn’t been as successful since the firing of Joel…

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